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A Swedish brand that rules the teddy bears and animals market like a true king.

Bukowski Design has been operating on the European market since 1990 and is based on a long-standing family tradition.

Founder Barbara Bukowski is a fascinating personality with a unique life story that is reflected in every product of this brand.

The brand pays attention to high quality, meets attestations and certifications even for babies from 0+. It also includes a luxurious collectible plush, which is very popular among collectors.

Bukowski Design is not just an ordinary company. It is an international company with a clientele spread all over the world. Their success can be largely attributed to their beautiful designs and high quality.

However, Bukowski Bear is by no means just a cute and durable teddy bear. Each has its own personality and soul that appeals to the heart and gives it life.

Bukowski Design is a plush love that lasts a lifetime.

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