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A German brand that has been a leader in the production of children's products for over half a century. sigikid products are crafted by passionate and talented individuals who truly understand children's needs.

Available in stores worldwide, sigikid remains proudly rooted in Germany, where it has built a reputation as a stable and sought-after brand due to its uncompromising quality and dedication to caring for the little ones.

Their motto, "FIRST CLASS FOR KIDS" is more than just a slogan. Every product undergoes rigorous checks before reaching the market and is continuously tested by independent laboratories to meet the strictest international standards, as well as sigikid's own demanding criteria for quality and durability.

Key products include snack boxes, drinking bottles, and tableware, all made from premium, safe materials that align with ecological and natural principles.

For sigikid, children are the future, and this commitment is evident in every product they create.

We are proud to partner with sigikid, bringing high-quality and safe products into the lives of children, ensuring they receive the very best.

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