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A German brand with a rich history, specializing in gift cosmetics, cosmetic sets, bath confetti, bath roses, and experiential bathing. A major player in the European market since 1992, Accentra boasts over 30 years of pioneering and innovative expertise in the field.

Accentra focuses on interesting design, unrivaled quality, and imaginative combinations of drugstore products and gifts. Part of their production takes place in Germany, where natural cosmetics are crafted using first-class raw materials. Their range includes gift cosmetics, gift sets, hand creams, and unique products like soap roses, bath confetti, and bath experiences.

A creative brand that constantly innovates and develops new products, fragrances, and technologies, Accentra represents all this and much more.

We are proud to be part of Accentra, bringing you the best body care products and gifts for your

loved ones.

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