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A Czech brand with a heartfelt story, born in the heart of Prague in 2014. Although a newcomer among plush toy brands, it quickly became a favorite of children all over Europe, winning their hearts and becoming their cherished companion and friend.

Helena Rykrová, the designer and founder of sigifun s.r.o., infuses a piece of herself into every LUMPIN. Each stuffed animal comes with its own story, brought to life in a small book that accompanies each friend. These stories give each LUMPIN a unique personality and visual appeal, captivating both children and adults alike.

The LUMPIN family grows every year with new friends. Though each one is unique, they all share the desire to be the most important thing in the world to their young companions. They are there for them when they fall asleep and when they wake up, ready to share daily adventures.

LUMPIN plush toys bring boundless joy and love into the lives of children and their families, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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