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We passionately and proudly represent our exceptional brands in the Czech and Slovak markets. For us, these brands are not just business partners; our cooperation is built on warm

and friendly relationships.

Join us and discover how our brands can help grow your business.

A German brand with a rich history and over 30 years of experience in the global market.

Specializing in gift cosmetics and gift sets, Accentra is a constant innovator, developing new products, fragrances, and technologies.

The brand offers a wide range of products, including unique items like soap roses, bath confetti, and fun bath experiences.

All this and much more defines the Accentra brand.


Soap roses, confetti, and gift sets — all these are characteristic of the German brand SALSA.

A rose from love that never withers but brings a new emotional experience. Soap confetti that adds joy and fragrance to your daily bath. Gift sets that care for your skin.

All this is the German brand SALSA.

NZ_Salsa naÁe znaüky.jpg

100% natural German cosmetics composed of vegan ingredients from certified organic farming, beautifully aromatic essences, and eco-friendly packaging.

SENSENA offers a wide range of products for everyday body care, including gentle herbal baths, cream baths, and bath salts. Each product is carefully designed to provide a natural caress for your body.

We simply adore this natural brand!

NZ_Sensena naÁe znaüky.jpg

The German brand LÜTTES WELT transforms your children's bath time into an exciting adventure.

With coloring, popping, and bubbling effects, complemented by a gentle formula rich in natural ingredients and delightful fragrances, LÜTTES WELT entertains children while caring for their sensitive skin.

Our wide range of fun bath products is the perfect way to entice kids into the bath and make bathing an enjoyable experience.

LÜTTES WELT products are made from 100% natural vegan ingredients from certified organic farming and carry the BDIH certification (inspected by the Association of German Industrial and Commercial Companies).

Founded in 2015, Soap&Gifts is a Belgian brand specializing in the production of soaps in various gift packaging. Operating throughout Central Europe, it is steadily gaining popularity.

The brand focuses on producing private labels with the highest quality and an individual approach to customers.

All production takes place in Belgium using premium raw materials, ensuring consistent quality and reliability. Constant innovation and the pursuit of new products drive the company's growth and inspire further market development.

Soap&Gifts is an important partner for us, with whom we have big plans, inspiring us to continue evolving in the market.

Soap gift naÁe znaüky.jpg

The most famous Italian luxury brand, yet family-owned, with a long tradition since 1964, exclusively manufacturing in Italy.

Specializing in men's shaving, Il Ceppo revives long-forgotten traditional shaving practices.

Over the years, Il Ceppo has become an "artist" in the world of shaving, renowned for its innovative, elegant design and sophisticated details, appealing to refined connoisseurs.

The constant search for new shapes and the use of natural materials for bristles and handles have allowed this brand to create a unique and extensive range.

Il Ceppo offers a daily experience cherished by men all over the world.

Il Ceppo nase znacky.jpg

A luxurious, plush brand from Sweden with a family tradition, operating since 1990.

Founder Barbara Bukowski infuses each product with a unique personality and life story, designing all collections and products herself with love.

The brand is renowned for its high quality and certifications, ensuring safety even for the youngest children.

Each Bukowski bear, bunny, or other stuffed animal has its own name and personality.

Bukowski Design wins over everyone.

Our marks Bukowski_edited.jpg

The German sigikid brand boasts more than half a century of experience in the field of children's products.

Specializing in accessories for children, sigikid offers items such as snack boxes, drinking bottles, backpacks, and more.

Their products are crafted by talented individuals who understand children's needs.

With uncompromising quality and a focus on caring for the little ones, sigikid has earned a reputation as a stable and sought-after brand worldwide.

sigikid products represent the future for our children.

We are proud to collaborate with sigikid to bring quality and safe products into children's lives.

sigikid nase znacky.jpg

A Czech brand founded in Prague in 2014.

Lumpin the teddy bear and his friends perfectly embody what this brand is all about.

The brand quickly won the hearts of children all over Europe.

Each LUMPIN has its own name and story, bringing it to life.

These cuddly pets bring sincere joy and love to the lives of children and their families.

NaÁe znaüky Lumpin_edited.jpg
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